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Cécilia  Pogorel
Development Assistant

Currently a business school student and passionate about the arts, Cécilia Pogorel instinctively chose to put her management background at the service of the cultural and artistic sector.

After a first internship in an exhibition design start-up in 2019, she confirmed her commitment by joining ATELIERS ADELINE RISPAL in 2020 as an apprentice on a work-study contract.

She is in charge of marketing and communication development and is our referent in CRM and Social Networks.

Attentive to her entourage, she quickly found her place within a company where she appreciates the multidisciplinary nature of the missions, the diversity of the environments, the singularity of the meetings and, above all, the plurality of projects generated by the exhibition design of very varied contexts, themes and storytelling.

Intuitive, enthusiastic and applied, she contributes to the development and the singular communication of the agency’s projects with the same rigour and methodology as those that preside over their elaboration.

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  • Formation
    • Master Data Management En cours (2022) Paris School of Business (France)
    • Bachelor 2020 Boston University Metropolitan College (États-unis)
  • Languages
    • French
    • English
    • Spanish

In communication, the technique is less important than people or society, what is important is the human project behind it.

Dominique Wolton


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