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Cité des Vins et des Climats de Bourgogne - (City of Wines of Burgundy)

Mâcon and Chablis - France

The cities of Chablis and Mâcon allow visitors to discover wine through 3 experiences: to experience, i.e. to know through trying; to understand, i.e. to appropriate knowledge; to taste, i.e. to educate one’s taste, to appreciate flavours. The exhibition design composed of material and immaterial layers creates a particular universe in which the visitor is immersed. Sensitive supports of an imaginary journey, they depict the different times of wine and give the keys to a geo-sensorial apprehension of the Climates and wines of Burgundy.


Enjeux du projet


Experience, understand, taste

Each Burgundy wine is singular: its alchemy, renewed each year and each different year, makes it both the strong product and the fragile balance of interactions between the earth, the air, the vine, the body and the spirit of men.
This alchemy, specific to more than 80 appellations and more than 1,200 climates, plays a large part in the image of complexity that we have of the wines and climates of Burgundy.
We do not wish to explain this complexity intellectually.
Our ambition is for visitors to experience it through three emotional principles:
– To experience, that is to say, to realise and know through experience.
– Understanding, i.e. sharing knowledge rather than learning in isolation.
– To taste, i.e. to educate one’s taste and appreciate flavours.
By making the singularity of the Climats legible, visitors’ sensory experience will reveal to them the richness, variety and subtlety of Burgundy wines.

Wines and Climates…a matter of time

Reducing Burgundy to a “mosaic” of climates generating a complex system of wines is a
partial approach.
Much more than a surface ecosystem, Climates combine three dimensions (mineral, vegetal, human) which interact with each other and are confronted with the weather: the one that passes and the one it makes.
In other words, wine is first and foremost a matter of time, some long, others short, of several natures and on several scales:
– that of the cosmos,
– that of geology
– that of geography,
– that of meteorology,
– that of the civilization of men,
– that of cultural transmission,
– that of biology,
– that of wine-growing,
– that of the harvest,
– that of the winemaking process,
– that of breeding,
– that of tasting,
– that of conviviality,
– that of passion…
All these strata are contained in a glass of wine.

So, just like a geological section that makes the complexity of a soil legible, the strata of all these times must make the complexity legible and exhale the beauty of the wine.

A geo-sensory mediation

The exhibition design concept has three ingredients :
– Material and immaterial strata create a special universe in which the visitor is immediately immersed. Emotional supports for an imaginary journey, they depict the different times of wine and give the keys to a geo-sensorial apprehension of the climates and wines of Burgundy.
Like an immersive landscape, they unify the space while creating specific ambiences according to
materials (rock, wood, plants…) or immaterials which, such as layers of sediment, the
Indeed, the strata are also made up of immaterial and mediation contents (multimedia, digital,
signage, didactics, lighting…).
– Words… to make climates legible, to get drunk on the words of wines to understand them “from the inside”, to educate oneself in taste through words…
The semantics linked to wine and the historical heritage of the Climats constitute an emotional and poetic field that reveals meaning, as expressed, each in his own register, by Jean-Pierre Garcia, Bernard Pivot and Jacques Puisais.
– Sounds… to stimulate the ear from time to time, to soothe and better experience the life of the terroirs throughout the region.

The connected sensory path echoes the physical visit. This device is based on words linked to wine to educate its taste and define its gustatory profile, following the example of the work of Jacques Puisais: “Using words to evoke a pleasure allows us to nourish the body, to feed the spirit. »

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    Architects exhibition designers, Leading firm : Ateliers Adeline Rispal - Paris

    Multimedia engineering and design : InnoVision - Paris

    Multimedia content design : Fleur de papier - Paris

    Signage : Chevalvert - Paris

    Lighting Design : Les Eclaireurs - Lyon

    Architect of the City of Chablis : Atelier Correia Architecte, mandataire

    Architectes of the City of Mâcon : RBC Architecte, mandataire et ACL Architecte associée

    Interpretive planner : Âme-en-Sciences