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Claire  Alban Roscian
Project Manager

Claire Alban Roscian is an interior architect and exhibition designer.

Claire is creative, optimistic and passionate. Trained as a designer, she quickly focused her practice on two main areas which, for her, are mutually nourishing:

Temporary or permanent exhibition scenography, in particular for technical, scientific and cultural exhibitions, with a wide range of budgets, most often as designer and representative of the project management team. As well as the conception of public reception areas, transition zones where the values of the project and the establishments (cultural, social, tertiary) are particularly expressed. She has collaborated with Atelier Trame’s, La Prod est dans le pré and the Moatti-Rivière agency.

Claire joined Ateliers Adeline Rispal in 2021 as project manager.

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  • Training
    • ESDI 1991 Graduate of
      from the Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel
      Paris (France)
    • Sornas 1987
      Atelier de dessin Paris (France)
  • Recent teaching
    • Speaker at the
      Philotechnics for
      an introductory workshop on
      interior design,
      branch of the CNAM in Bois
      Colombes (2012 / 2013)
  • Languages
    • French
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Main projects
    • Centre national du costume de scène _ Moulins (France)
    • Présidence française
      du Conseil de l’Union Européenne _
      Bruxelles (Belgique)

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