About us

To imagine, design and reinvent the spaces of tomorrow, we are looking for everything that can advance society, particularly in education and sustainable well-being.

How it all started

In 1981, Adeline Rispal, a young graduate, met the work of Carlo Scarpa, an Italian architect and designer. It is a revelation of the meaning she gives to her professional orientation.

In 1984, Jean Nouvel, who had recruited her two years earlier, entrusted her with the mission of  exhibition designer for the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) project in Paris, one of President François Mitterrand’s major projects.

In 1990, Adeline Rispal and three other associates created REPÉRAGES, conceived as a new agency model operating in a collaborative mode. Architecture is developed in connection with other disciplines. The reward was immediate: the agency was immediately awarded for the Historial de la Grande Guerre in Péronne.

In ten years, many other successes followed, in France and abroad, notably in association with Jean Nouvel.

In 2010, Adeline Rispal took off on her own and created the STUDIO ADELINE RISPAL, which has been rewarded several times for its forward-looking vision and its commitment to projects with higher political stakes and greater notoriety.


In a more complex world, this plural embodies the diversity of the agency’s professions, services and fields of intervention.
In order to imagine, conceive and reinvent today the spaces for tomorrow, the ATELIERS ADELINE RISPAL prioritize their research in everything that can make society move forward.

First and foremost, education.
That of everyone, throughout their entire life.
In order to transmit the keys that allow each person to deal with the challenges that are facing humanity.

Secondly, sustainable well-being.
The well-being of the users and of the architectures in which we evolve in.
Caring design, eco-design, frugality, fluidity, flexibility, functional thermal, acoustic and visual comfort…

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Our team


Our expertises

  • Strategy

    • Consulting in museum strategy
    • Construction economics
    • Study of flows
    • Study of audiences
    • Technical studies
    • Cultural engineering
    • Artistic direction
  • Conception

    • Assistance in exhibition design
    • Acoustics
    • Architecture
    • Interior design
    • Furniture design
    • Multimedia and digital design and engineering
    • Sound environments
    • Visual identity and signage
    • Rehabilitation
    • Exhibition designer
    • Travel retail design
  • Production

    • Assistance with the installation of the collections
    • Assistance with the setting of collections
    • Coordination
    • Natural and artificial lighting
    • Collection management
    • Content production
    • Delegated production
    • Multimedia production
    • Follow-up of the work
  • Support

    • Analysis of behaviours and flows
    • Compilation of data and reports
    • Adaptative evolution


Our clients