Interview with Adeline Rispal for the French Pavilion at the Milan 2015 exhibition

Mar 2015

Milan Exhibition

In this large “market”, the exhibition design embodies a physical, social and cultural territory to be reseeded with new approaches.

Like a living organism, it colonises the structure of the pavilion above the crowds of visitors to show the quality and diversity of France’s assets. Scientific and technological foresight and tradition, agro-ecology, agro-industry and food weave the unfailing links of the French approach.

The France Pavilion stands proudly at the bottom of this garden as a reconquered territory sheltering a vast inverted landscape, at once cave and cathedral. It is colonised by scenography to evoke a physical, social and cultural territory to be reseeded with new approaches to food and its production. A dreamlike landscape, woven of land, plants and products, men and projects, it rests on the ground on powerful pillars that bring it closer to visitors. Each pillar corresponds to one of the major themes.

The architecture and the scenography thus synthesize the two main issues:

“Produce more”: the pleated envelope unfolds its 1500 m2 above the 1000 m2 of the exhibition floor dedicated to visitors. The open ground and above ground are combined here in the present and the future to increase the potential of French production.

“Produce better”: a wide variety of quality products from French terroirs, both raw and processed, from sustainable agriculture, also colonise the envelope, which becomes an attic, a cellar, a kitchen, a place for delight and tasting.

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