SITEM 2021: Colloquium "What is the purpose of the exhibition?

Jun 2021

Join Adeline Rispal, President of the XPO Federation of Exhibition Designers, on 15 September from 3.15 pm to 5.30 pm, who will open and conclude, with Laurence Bagot, Vice-President of XPO, a conference on the challenges of the exhibition in all its forms: permanent, temporary, phygital, virtual, show…

Three issues will be addressed, bringing together players from the institutional, associative, research and scientific and artistic education worlds… with whom XPO’s creators and players work on a daily basis to welcome more than 100 million visitors per year.

On this occasion, 3 round tables led by Carole Benaiteau, vice-president of the association (Les) Muséographes, Jean-Jacques Bravo, vice-president of the Association Scénographes, and raymond sarti, vice-president of the UNION DES SCENOGRAPHES – UDS, will bring together the following speakers
caillet elisabeth, professor of philosophy, doctor of educational sciences, expert in cultural mediation, consultant in museology and member of the scientific council of the Lilian Thuram Foundation Education against racism: the exhibition Imaginaires et représentations de l’Orient, Questions de regard(s) at the Delacroix museum (2018)
Sébastien Gokalp, heritage curator, curator, director of the Musée national de l’histoire de l’immigration: making a museum of a common history, the permanent tour of the Musée de l’immigration.
Amélie Lebleu, Expo ExtraVERTtie project
René Faure, President of the National Federation of Friends of Museums Societies (FFSAM), the “Young Friends of the Museum
Marie-Paule Jungblut, doctor in public history, former deputy director of the Museum of History of the city of Luxembourg and former director of the museums of the city of Basel, teacher in public history at the University of Luxembourg, lecturer in museology at the University of Liège, curator, researcher in the development of educational historical games
Alexandre Colliex, international director of Manifesto Expo, producer and tour manager of exhibitions worldwide.
Anne-Sophie Braud, Head of the Digital Culture Support Unit, Digital Department, French Institute
Yann Rocher, architect, scenographer, curator, lecturer at ENSAPM, leads a seminar on the scenography L’Entour with Thierry Leviez from ENSBA, collaborations between ENSBA and ENSAPM “Theatre of the exhibition
Pascal Goblot, producer, director, administrator of SCAM and XPO, member of PXN – Association of Digital Experience Producers
Anne Prugnon, Director of Publishing and Transmedia at Universcience

To find out more about the 3 major issues that will be addressed, visit the SITEM website

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