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National Centre for Stage Costumes - Extension dedicated to stage design and conservation rooms

Moulins - France

Conceived by three complementary scenographers (theatre, exhibition and equipment) as a laboratory of experimentation for stage design and its professions, the exhibition allows the discovery, study and creation of scenography by showing the other side of the set and the work of the actors of this ecosystem.

Stakes of the project


The stables of the former Villars barracks, classified as a Historic Monument and which houses the main CNCS building, close off its place of arms to the south.

The purpose of their rehabilitation is to restore the facades to the spirit of the original building, which was not very pierced on the ground floor due to its use. A curved stainless steel airlock, with shapes inspired by theatrical architecture, signals the entrance to visitors coming from the main building.

The exhibition on theatrical scenography is set up on the ground floor in three distinct spaces of increasing ceiling height, preceded by a virtual encounter with the actors of this ecosystem on the essence of the scenography:

  • Act 1, the profession of scenographer, in relation with the director;
  • Act 2, the decorating trades ;
  • Act 3, the professions of the stage.

It is the fruit of close collaboration between the theatre set designer Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy, the Kanju equipment set designer and the exhibition set designers from Ateliers Adeline Rispal, as a “mise en abîme” for the benefit of visitors, students and professionals.

Much more than a simple interpretation centre, it is a space conducive to experimentation, a laboratory for scenographic creation that shows the other side of the coin.

This capable space, designed with an economy of means, will host both objects and collections from the CNCS’s major partner institutions and, periodically, a focus on the creation of a great scenographer.

Additional reserves occupy the two upper levels and integrate all the constraints of preventive conservation of the CNCS’s rich collections of stage costumes.

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    Architects, interpretive planning, exhibition design : Ateliers Adeline Rispal - Paris

    Heritage architect : Christian Laporte - Clermont Ferrand

    Engineering office : Betem Centre - Brive

    Equipment exhibition designer : Kanju

    Theater expert : Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy

    Multimedia engineering and design : InnoVision - Paris

    Directional and didactic signage : AMB - Paris / Formaboom

    Images : Romain Hamon

    General curator of the permanent exhibition : Delphine Pinasa, directrice du CNCS