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National center for theatrical costume and design - Extension dedicated to stage design and conservation rooms

Moulins - France

The rehabilitation of the former stables of Quartier Villars houses the permanent exhibition “La Scène”, conceived as a workshop for experimenting with theatrical scenography by three complementary scenographers:

. Adeline Rispal from Ateliers Adeline Rispal, exhibition design,

. Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy, stage designer,

. Félix Lefèbvre from Kanju, exhibition equipment design.

The exhibition explores scenographic creation in 3 acts – from the idea to its realization – by showing the backstage and the work of the many people involved in this ecosystem: scenographers, set designers, the decoration construction trades and the scenic trades.

Each year, the exhibition integrates an exemplary scenography: that of Eric Ruf for the creation of Cyrano de Bergerac at the Comédie française opens the way: sketches and models are exposed in the center of Act I, and the elements of the set are installed on the stage in Act III.

Stakes of the project


The stables of the former Villars barracks, classified as a Historic Monument and which houses the main CNCS building, close off its place of arms to the south.

The purpose of their rehabilitation is to restore the facades to the spirit of the original building, which was not very pierced on the ground floor due to its use. A curved stainless steel airlock, with shapes inspired by theatrical architecture, signals the entrance to visitors coming from the main building.

The exhibition on theatrical scenography is set up on the ground floor in three distinct spaces of increasing ceiling height, preceded by a virtual encounter with the actors of this ecosystem on the essence of the scenography:

  • Act 1, the profession of scenographer, in relation with the director;
  • Act 2, the decorating trades ;
  • Act 3, the professions of the stage.

It is the fruit of close collaboration between the theatre set designer Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy, the Kanju equipment set designer and the exhibition set designers from Ateliers Adeline Rispal, as a “mise en abîme” for the benefit of visitors, students and professionals.

Much more than a simple interpretation centre, it is a space conducive to experimentation, a laboratory for scenographic creation that shows the other side of the coin.

This capable space, designed with an economy of means, will host both objects and collections from the CNCS’s major partner institutions and, periodically, a focus on the creation of a great scenographer.

Additional reserves occupy the two upper levels and integrate all the constraints of preventive conservation of the CNCS’s rich collections of stage costumes.

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    Project management assistance : Isabelle Crosnier / Charlotte Vauchelle

    Architectural programming : Isabelle Crosnier / PARICA / FL&CO

    Scientific and museographic project : CNCS

    Inspection office : QUALICONSULT

    Safety and health protection coordinator : SCOP DEBOST

    Fire Safety Systems : AACCESS Bâtiment

    Scheduling, construction management and coordination : CRX Ouest


    Engineering office : BETEM Centre (leading firm)

    Architect and exhibition designer : ATELIERS ADELINE RISPAL

    Project lead: Adeline Rispal

    Project manager: Claire Alban Roscian

    Studies: Julie Chaudier, Margaux Geib Lapinte, Sophia Boudou, Isabelle Briand, Estelle Basalo, Eloïse Brégant, Eliott Petit

    3D images: Romain Hamon

    General management and administration: Marc Hivernat and Daisy Bustinza

    Heritage architect : Christian Laporte

    Stage designer : Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy

    Exhibition equipment designer : KANJU

    Multimedia engineering : INNOVISION

    Graphic design and signage : AMB / FORMABOOM

    Lighting design for the facades : LES ECLAIREURS

    Acoustics : Jean-Paul Lamoreux



    Asbestos removal / sealing : ADS

    Structural work / demolition : CHAUMETTE DUPLEIX

    Masonry / stonework : DAGOIS

    Roofing : SANI THERMIQUE

    Timber frame : SARL LABEYRIE Louis

    Locksmithing : SERRURERIE NOUVELLE

    Exterior and scenic joinery : SARL TONNERRE

    Interior joinery : MBM

    Floor and wall coverings : CERASOL

    Plastering / painting / cleaning : FLEURY

    Lifting equipment : ORONA

    Electricity : EIFFAGE


    Storage furniture : BRUYNZEEL

    Locksmithing / machinery / stage equipment : SCENETEC

    Stage drapes : AZUR SCENIC

    Exhibition stage fittings : SAS BAREM

    Multimedia equipment : ORPHEO

    Multimedia production : DROLE DE TRAME

    Photos : Luc Boegly