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Hôtel de la Marine

Paris - France

Thanks to an exhibition design capable of making the visitor interact with the past and the present, based on the movements of reality, on the History of France, its art of living and the evolution of the culinary art, this project makes it possible to live the individual and collective experience of the time of the French Culture and of the men and women who transmitted it and still transmit it.

Stakes of the project


The exhibition design mission in this context is understood as the staging of multiple interventions in the monument in perfect coherence and harmony with its restoration by the chief architect of historic monuments, its cultural project and its functional needs. Within the framework of this consultation, it is quite obvious that the proposals described in this document are only the reflection of a thousand questions and the lack of iteration with the restoration project in progress. Our approach to exhibition design, which is above all an architectural and global approach, means that some of these proposals are indicative and fall within a broader scope of reflection than the scope of intervention. The responsibility for the design obviously lies with the architect of the historic monuments and we will be very happy to participate in the development of the reflection. Nevertheless, these proposals express the state of our reflections on the main stakes of our mission in order to open a dialogue with the protagonists of the project. Indeed, we see this exercise as an appetizer to prepare the many steps that such a project will require in a collective and collaborative approach.

The hybrid character of the cultural project in more than one way – the monument and its two lives, and French gastronomy – reflects the two poles of our heritage, one anchored in the materiality of architecture and the other in the intangible of history and culinary art. Our exhibition design proposals will constantly articulate these two levels of expression of our culture to bring out the intangible in this jewel of Parisian architecture. The light, the sign, the image, the movements, the

sounds, smells…are all expressions of the immaterial that we weave into the project. As exhibition designers, we thus create the conditions for the encounter between the visitors, the monument, its history and that of the French art of living. As architects, we conceive the infrastructures that will host these other immaterial dimensions that are the multiple events and ephemeral exhibition designs that the ambitious cultural policy of the institution around gastronomy will generate.

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    Exhibition design and interpretive planning- Leading firm : Studio Adeline Rispal - Paris

    Graphic design and signage : Intégral Ruedi Baur - Paris

    Multimedia engineering and design : InnoVision - Paris

    Lighting : Licht Kunst Licht - Bonn

    Sound design : LD Sonore - Paris