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Musée Savoisien

Chambéry - France

The participatory approach made possible by the fablab concept gives the Savoie museum a new status and role. The idea of a laboratory museum proposes to give an account of history and objects while linking them to the present and to future dynamics. The laboratory is a space that generates reflection and creation. In this way, the museum exhibition space becomes a library of ideas and information that can feed the new generations of entrepreneurs and designers of the high mountain ecosystem.

Stakes of the project


The exhibition design approach of the Musée Savoisien (Savoie Museum) is inspired by the concept of fablab (a contraction of the English word fabrication laboratory, invented at MIT at the end of the 20th century), a place open to the public where all sorts of tools are made available for the design and production of objects in a collaborative mode involving neophytes, handymen, professionals and researchers.

The museum’s permanent exhibition thus reflects the territorial and cultural identity of Savoie: a place of openness, encounters and exchanges where future projects are being developed today.

The collections are not presented in an aesthetic way or put in a more or less realistic situation, they belong to a body of information on their conception, manufacture, use, design,…and are exhibited as such in the manner of a manufacturing workshop or a transdisciplinary research and experimentation laboratory.

Interactive devices (mock-ups, digital mediation,…) and human mediation allow knowledge, disciplines, institutions and companies to cross-fertilise on a regional and international scale in a collaborative mode.

In this way, the project aims to meet several pedagogical objectives: to stimulate visitors’ reflection and creativity while encouraging innovation and the co-construction of future projects. Awakening visitors through a rich panorama of documents, thematic parallels or technical comparisons can be as many levers to put a sustainable social and economic environment into perspective.

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    Architects, leading firm : Prunet Architecture et Urbanisme

    Associated architects : Agence Detry et Levy / Agence Semper

    Functional museum organisation and design of the permanent exhibition route : Studio Adeline Rispal

    Signage : Guillaume Chéreau for Studio Adeline Rispal

    Lighting Design : Licht Kunst Licht

    Engineering office for fluids : Amstein et Walhert

    Construction economy : Eric Huet

    Engineering office for structure : ESCA

    Engineering office for environnement : ACR